Dear honored guest:

Welcome to visit our website, I, on behalf of all the members of Nanchang Hotel, extend my most sincere blessings and heartfelt greetings to you, we wish you a good health, prosperous business , good luck in everything.

Nanchang Hotel is a business resort hotel in the standard of four stars, since operation of our hotel, we are always adhering to the principle of satisfying and exceeding the expectations and demands of our customers, clients and employees, sticking to the idea of pursuit of excellence, and striving to meet the best and highest standard of service in the field of realm of philosophy. On the basis of sound and superb management, we will improve and perfect our ideas of service, create a good, dense and attentive atmosphere of corporate culture, persistently create special service, which aims to provide a harmonious, thoughtful and proper service to all of our customers.

Whether you are our guests or our employees, we would cherish each and every cooperation opportunity with you which will become a pleasant journey all the time.
Thanks for browsing our website and looking forward to your visit, thank you.

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