Vision: to be a flagship hotel with the first and best professional standard and high quality service, providing meticulous and comfortable service for guests and travelers from all over the world.

Objectives: To satisfy and exceed the expectations and demands of our customers, clients and employees, stick to the idea of pursuit of excellence, and striving to meet the best and highest standard of service in the field of realm of philosophy. We will advance with the times, blaze new trails, unite together and work hard with good hospitality and high efficiency, providing considerate, meticulous, and personalized service to all our esteemed guests. What more,we will create an exclusive and unique hotel culture, which will beour flagship hotel based on this, explore the market, carry out diversification, and seek for win-win return on investment.

Address:No.21, Westlands Rd, Nairobi, Kenya  TEL/FAX:0732788788/ 0731766766  Copyright © 2014 Nanchang Hotel Nairobi.All rights reserved.

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